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Ode to Figwit

by Tathren.

  Once there was Figwit the Elf,
Who prowled the forest, full of stealth.
One day a message with his address was dispatched,
To his little house complete with a roof; thatched.
He was to travel to Rivendell and take part in a few meetings,
Why not? He could give out a few early season's greetings.
Journeying across the land, his worries grew;
Something evil was beginning to brew.
As everyone gathered, tensions were high,
To all who were calm, Figwit said, "Pluck you," with a sigh.
The Council was held at the day's first light,
And, surprise surprise, there was a great fight.
Figwit's cries they did not head,
As a small Hobbit jumped up and said he would lead.
Figwit yelled, "I will go too! I know the short-cut!"
But our dear little Figgy was left in a rut.
The blondy Legolas beat him to it, you know,
The one who thinks he's a hot-shot, what with his bow.
Little Figgy's heart to shreds was torn,
He felt like crying, alone at the top of a mallorn.
Resolved, he physically stood and mentally thought up,
Searching for the nearest bottle of 7up.
And there, standing with the last two cans,
Was a friend of Arwen's, cola in hands.
"Do you want one?" she asked, her smile was sweet,
Figwit wiggled his ears, he was knocked off his feet!
He held out his arm, which she gladly took,
He didn't even notice Legolas, who was giving him quite a mean look.
Figwit decided he was glad he wasn't going on the spree,
He wanted to stay with his new girlfriend.
By the way, her name is Raisin Glory.
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