Figwit, I'm in Love

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FIGWIT, I'm in Love

by DiamondTook

  (Sing to the tune of  "Friday, I'm in Love" by The Cure)

I don't care if Boromir's blue
Frodo's Grea... and Pippin, too
Legolas, I don't care about you,
It's Figwit, I'm in love

Merry you can fall apart
Gandalf/Balrog, break my heart
Gimli doesn't even start
It's Figwit, I'm in love

Uruk-HaaaiHaaai! Wraiths!
Samwise stands at Mordor's gates
But Figwit merely contemplates

I don't care if Gollum's black
Slinker/stinker-- off my back!
Rivendell, I am coming back,
It's Figwit, I'm in love!

Aragorn needs a shave instead
Please get Frodo out of bed
This Council meeting I won't dread
It's Figwit, I'm in love

At the council of the Ring
It's a beautiful thing
With that Elvish air, though he don't say a thing
Thrown in with the crowd
Don't he look so proud
Is he Elrond's kid
Or just a face in the crowd
What's he doing there?
He just sits and he stares
Doesn't anyone else seem to care?
But I can't get enough,
Enough of this stuff
It's Figwit,
I'm in love!

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