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The Short Lay of Figwit: Figwitinwe

by Roheryn

  (with apologies to Earendillinwe)

There was a gorgeous elven prince
in days long since forgotten now,
with silent stare and brooding thoughts
and silky locks on furrowed brow.
In Greenwood Great he tarried long
while singing songs of elven lore;
with voice so sweet that woodland quail
and nightingales sang nevermore.
But restless soul did stir within
and tempted him to journey forth;
when guide he sought he placed his trust
in Legolas, the queen's escort.
These Mirkwood elves with eager hearts
prepared to start and said farewells.
Together then astride their mounts
They headed south for Rivendell.
Their horses swift and tireless
wore royal dress with magic spells;
their harnesses were made of gold
and softly tolled their silver bells.
They journeyed far but long at last
to Imladris they came one eve,
its splendor seen in waterfalls
and starlit halls and panoply.
They found themselves to their surprise
among the wise who'd found a ring.
A Council held a long debate
to choose the fate of that small thing.
The elven prince sat silently
hypnotically, by Aragorn;
with brooding glance he stared across
at Legolas whose cloak was torn.
But Legolas the stare mistook
for daggered look and zealously
he glared right back in self defense
a look intense of jealousy.
Then elven lord, wise Elrond-king
decreed the ring should be unmade.
O'er who should go the Council fought
with tempers hot and flares of rage.
And Glorfindel, fair elven lord
with thoughts untoward soon noticed how
this elven prince had eyebrows dark
in well-plucked arcs and gorgeous pout.
Sweet Frodo-lad from Hobbiton
had listened in and long at last
he said he'd go and meet his fate;
dear Frodo's great - but who is that?
But Figwit enigmatically
dramatically had misconstrued
Glorfindel's thoughts and yelled three words
which others heard as "Pluck you too!"
Their voices hushed, the Council turned
with grave concern and saw the prince
had stood and hushed with open mouth,
sweet sultry pout and stare intense.
Poor Legolas then realized
that Figwit's eyes on Frodo fell
With mounting dread he felt betrayed
and quite dismayed at this new hell.
Sly Legolas though insincere
then volunteered to join the quest
as Frodo's guide ere Figwit-prince
now quite incensed could voice protest.
So Figwit-elf, brokenhearted,
soon departed from Rivendell
and journeyed home to Greenwood Great
but of his fate no stories tell.

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