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  This FAQ was written by Leto and posted on the message boards at theonering.net March 5th, 2002. This is what spawned the "Some think he looks like a horse" line.
  Q: Who is Figwit?
A: Figwit is the mare one of the elves rode to the council of Elrond. She has a dark tail and mane. She has no speaking lines.
She is in a word, gorgeous.
Or another, stunning.
Or another, enigmatic.
Or another, hypnotic.
Or another, stupendous.
Or another, equine
Take your pick.
We go with all of the above and then some.
  Q: She doesn't say anything. Can she talk?
A: Well... Do you know any horses that can talk? We guess she *whinnied* at some point but it is possible that she just stood there occasionally stamping her hooves in a silent and provoking way, her silence speaking louder than any voice there. Looking gorgeous.
  Q: So...where and when exactly can I see her?
A: When Legolas arrives in Rivendell You see Figwit with her hooves flashing and mane tossing.
  Q: How old is she?
A: Hmmm.... we're not sure about that. We aren't exactly sure how horse years translate into elf years.
  Q: Height?
A: Fourteen hands.
  Q: Weight?
A: Maybe 1600 lbs.
  Q: Eye color?
A: Brown but they are perfect and gorgeous.
  Q: So why is she a member of the council? What is her role there?
A: Good question! We thought the elves were smarter than that.
  Q: Is it true that he is Legolas's 'companion'*nudge nudge* ?
A: We think an accurate answer to that might be actionable.
  Q: I heard she is actually one of Elrond's sons- Elladan or Elrohir. Is this true?
A: No one ever suspected Elrond of that!
  Q: Are you absolutely sure she's female?
A: Er.... yes. It isn't that hard to tell.
  Q: Are you on any medication?
A: Pain meds from the bricks thrown at me by InDUHvidual,Arwenelf and others.
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