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My Name is Figwit

by Vervandril Greenleaf

  (Sing to the tune of "I Want it That Way" by The Backstreet Boys)

I am your fire
Your one desire
With such grace I sit
My name is Figwit

But I donít have any lines
To speak or to sign
I just sit
My name is Figwit

Tell me why
I didnít get a good part
Tell me why
This could have been my big start
Tell me why
Instead Iím told ďShut up and sit!Ē
My name is Figwit

My hair is so fine
To stroke it girls pine
My robes: a great fit
My name is Figwit

Tell me why
I cannot go with Frodo
Tell me why
My roleís so small in this show
Tell me why
This sucks and itís not fair one bit
My name is Figwit

Now I can see that my scene is so short
And it quickly comes to an end, yeah
So if you feel passion just simply rewind
And watch the council again

So donít watch the rest
Who cares for the quest
Iím all that matters
Cuz Iím so gorgeousÖ

Ainít nothiní but a Dark Lord
Ainít nothiní but a big war
Just concentrate on how I sit
My name is Figwit

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