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Homage to Legolas- I Will Survive

By Anna Bloom

  (Sing to the tune of "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor)

First I was afraid, I was petrified
Kept thinking how Orli could be by my side
In the council of Elrond I felt his sexual bond
I could of cried, but I'll know he'll stay alive!

He's in all three
Oh lucky me
He's immortal so greaaaaat and yi-ip-eeeee
Oh Legolas, you are the one
How I love your scrumptious bum
And I grew strong
So now I've learnt the elvish tongue

You will survive, You will survive
As long as you fall for me I know I'll be your bride!
'Cos I got so much to give, u know Figwit is a div
He is not blonde
So he must be gone!

From Lord of the Rings
'Cos how he mings
He is just an extra, another one of the hobbits flings.
And I know no-one wants to see him on the cinema screen
'Cos leggy's just so fit
And I've had enough of it

So goodbye , this is the end
Of our tribute to Orli, blonde brunette or even ginge!
But we love him how we do
And he says he love me to
In my dreams
OH in my dreaaaaaaaaaaaamssssss?

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