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The Elf Who Won Them All

by Nulthien


They gathered there,
on that golden day,
the council of Elrond,
but they were not there to stay.
The ring was powerful,
it bent wills and destroyed men.
And reduced their brain power to that of a hen.

But all too soon,
tempers grew. Arguments broke out,
and Frodo's face took on a stressed pale hue.
Struggling to be heard above the shouts,
he jumped up and shouted out--
that one fateful line we all know,
and cherish forever in our hearts to grow.

But what's this? As the camera swings,
it rests upon a certain elf,
and our heart sings!
For there, my friends, is the elf we all know and love.
With eyes like chocolate and skin like the wing of a dove,
this elf with a face so strong and true,
his eyes totally conquer Frodo's baby blues.

His robes are silver, like a moonlit night,
and he immediately draws our sight.
It is in he we lay our hopes and dreams,
to carry them away on a sunlight beam.

So hurry to your phone to make a call,
Let's hope Middle Earth has good reception,
Don't get caught up in Legolas's deception,
and call Figwit, who won the hearts of them all.

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